Friday, July 18, 2014

How to Find the Best Avocado

Avocado is a favorite food for many.

People eat the fruit for its yummy flavor or for its nutritional food benefits. I eat avocado for both reasons. :)

Simple Snack Recipe

I usually eat avocado together with sugar. Honey can substitute for sugar which can make it more healthful. Now, to make it creamy and more delicious just add two tablespoons of powdered milk for each regular-sized avocado.

For convenience some people use their favorite canned condensada milk. But still I find powdered milk more accessible since it is readily available in my house.

How I find the best avocado

There is no sure thing that the avocado you buy is free from damages or from caterpillars nesting inside. You may say, "Eew!" but this is the reality in the world of avocado buyers/lovers.

It's really disappointing when you buy avocado and find out that you cannot eat even a thing from it because of the damage it got from outside forces or because of caterpillars lurking inside the fruit that make holes in its flesh.

Buying unripe avocados. Those are the best ones, I'd say.

Here's why:
Any caterpillars in unripe avocados are not yet fully grown.
It is also near impossible for them to eat the hard flesh of the fruit.
Then ripen the avocados in the refrigerator to kill any caterpillar in it.
You'd guess caterpillars cannot live with the cold environment there.
Thus, preventing them from making more holes to your precious fruit.

When the fruit is ripe and is ready for scooping, you'll observe that you are to eat the maximum fruit flesh you can get from the avocado you've been waiting for.

Also, no additional chilling is needed.

If you're looking for advice on finding good avocados that are ready to eat, try Erica's.

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