Thursday, May 31, 2012

Simba the Pomeranian

My office mate brought his brown pomeranian at the second time.
Seems like Simba has grown twice its size since I first saw it.

The dog acts more mature now but still, energetic and playful even when it just woke up.

It knows the sit and jump command. For fetch it works sometimes but Simba won't return whatever you want him to fetch. :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer Outing at Punta Riviera Resort in Pangasinan

Kayaks Beside the River
Just had a great time having the company outing at Punta Riviera Resort this summer. There are so many places to have fun in the place.

They have spa, billiards, table tennis, bar counter, volleyball, kayak, videoke and two swimming pools apart from the beach and the river right in front of the resort. Most of which are not found in the previous outing we went to the previous year.

Some of the Many Concrete Benches
I called it a river but I'm not really sure if it is. I've observed that during low tide the water in it flows to the sea and during high tide, seawater flows back to it. Time to review the bodies of water. :)

Bridge Over a River Going to the Beach
If I have to rate the beach resort, I would give an 8 out of 10. Everything is ok except for the food. It's expected to have expensive food and drinks sold in the place but nothing's disappointing as having some meals not enough for us. Here's what happened: our company reserved for a lot of people and many are not able to come and yet, the catering still ran out of dishes. Hopefully it never happens to other people in the future.

Infinity Pool