Friday, June 15, 2012

Father and Son

Something inside tells me to post this pic and I realized maybe because of Fathers Day celebration.

In this candid photo, Kuya Rico looks and smiles as he holds Joaquin and the cute baby stares at him in return.

Kuya Rico is a father and Joaquin is a son but they are not related by blood. Kuya Rico is just carrying a friend's son during a wedding reception at Boston Cafe, Los Baños, Laguna.

The picture proves a photography tip I read recently. There is more connection and feeling between the subjects when taking picture of people looking at each other, instead of them looking at the camera.

Here's Pocholo Bismonte and friends. Was with them after Pocholo's recital at the De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde in Taft for the first's summer workshop. Pocholo's belted the song This is the Moment (from the broadway Jekyll & Hyde) in a ccapella - his first ever performance at his college school.

The show was properly rehearsed and appeared natural. It showcased talents of both existing and new members of the Coro San Benildo singing group.

It was fun watching the show. Thanks to Tita Rose (Pocholo's Mom) for informing me about the event.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Gary V's On Higher Ground Concert

After a series of successful On Higher Ground concerts this year, Gary Valenciano had a repeat of the concert on June 8 and 9. Luckily I was able to watch at its last date.

The stage production was very colorful. And what's amazing was they also planned this monochromatic scene with Gary jut wearing pure white.

Gary had a duet with Julianne, also a singer and composer. They sang songs from Gary's existing albums.

The concert was full of contrasts. Gary sang songs both old and new. In this outfit, he wears an outfit he usually wore before as he sings with the band popular 80's songs.

Gary sang soap opera songs he recorded accompanied by visually appealing landscape backgrounds. There are times he stops to tell a story about a song before he sings that make the audience chuckles before he starts to sing.

Overall, the concert was awesome. It was also an experience for me after taking video and pics of the concert at the same time. Imagine a digicam on my left hand and a camera on my right. I just don't know how I look that moment.

In case you want to watch some videos of the concert, check out this link.

Rizal Park on Independence Day

Blue color, the color in the Phillippine flag that means peace, dominates in the photo of the Luneta Park (Rizal Park). Took it during the dusk of the 114th Anniversary of Phillipine Independence.

Not seen in the picture are the people flocking in front of the park making it as their background on their souvenir photos.

The flag below is the biggest Philippine flag in the park soaring high right in front of Rizal Park. It takes its flight through the breeze from Manila Bay.

Being a park for the national hero, Rizal park has a well maintained landscape. Good thing there are other places in the park where people have access to.

Rizal park is not a boring place after all. A fountain show keeps the people entertained with some music being played on big speakers placed around.

Now, this is another souvenir shot I got from the park. It was already dark but the white color of Rizal's statue is still made visible by halogen lamps near it. Thanks for some reflective tiles for making the photo composition more appealing.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

JC in Star CIty

Arrived at Star City while they we're being photographed outside.

John Carlo Tan (JC) and other Jollibee Kiddie Club dancers prepare as they perform (dancing and modeling) for the Family Fun Day at Star City on May 27. John Carlo also got a solo performance to sing Faithfully by Journey band.

Still too early for the regular opening of the theme park, I got the perfect timing to take shots of the rides as they are not yet in motion and not yet swarmed by many people. :)

Does John Carlo look familiar to you? You may have seen him in commercials for Sumo Cookie Sandwich, Selecta ice cream or Fibisco Choco Mallows to name a few.

Better watch him on Saturday, June 9, 2012 as this talented kid contends on Talentadong Pinoy Kids at TV5.