Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rizal Park on Independence Day

Blue color, the color in the Phillippine flag that means peace, dominates in the photo of the Luneta Park (Rizal Park). Took it during the dusk of the 114th Anniversary of Phillipine Independence.

Not seen in the picture are the people flocking in front of the park making it as their background on their souvenir photos.

The flag below is the biggest Philippine flag in the park soaring high right in front of Rizal Park. It takes its flight through the breeze from Manila Bay.

Being a park for the national hero, Rizal park has a well maintained landscape. Good thing there are other places in the park where people have access to.

Rizal park is not a boring place after all. A fountain show keeps the people entertained with some music being played on big speakers placed around.

Now, this is another souvenir shot I got from the park. It was already dark but the white color of Rizal's statue is still made visible by halogen lamps near it. Thanks for some reflective tiles for making the photo composition more appealing.

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