Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Maria Makiling Statue in UPLB

University of the Philippines Los Baños has got a new beautiful Maria Makiling statue. It was donated by the Sigma Delta Phi Sorority on 31 March 2012.

It is located between the popular fertility tree and the College of Veterinary Medicine of UPLB. Maria's statue is positioned in the middle of a fountain.

Now, here is the dedication in front of it:

Marya Fountain is our tribute to women
who exemplify commitment to honor,
excellence and service.

Hereon, Let generations of women who
come to UPLB draw inspiration from Marya.

Star City

Been months since my last visit in Star City. They already uprooted the ferris wheel to give way for a bigger one. Something as big as the one in Enchanted Kingdom I think.

Star City has setup beautiful statues. One of them is the one at the Blizzard roller coaster. The mammoth and other cold-place-dwelling animals created a different ambiance even with limited space.

Another great picture-taking spot is the pirate ship is docked near the foodcourt. It serves as the entrance to an exhibit of pirate statues inside while riding a round boat.