Saturday, July 30, 2011

Speedy - Mountain Bike in the City

Near my apartment, I visited the bike shop one afternoon and bought this yellow mountain bike. It's semi-alloy built makes it quite heavy but I'm satisfied with it.

Vehicles in Makati City are always on the rush that I have to consider safe biking. Bright colors were the first that popped out of my mind:

(1) The bike must be bright colored so it can be seen easily on the road at night,

(2) The lock of the bike must be bright colored that it can be detected easily by stealers and thus intimidate them at least, and lastly

(3) I must wear bright colored clothes when biking to increase my visibility on the road.

I call my new bike Speedy by the way. :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Boulder Beach of Batanes

The Chadpidan Boulder Beach is another popular tourist spot in Batanes. It is known for its numerous, massive, round boulders stretching along the shore of the whole beach.

Historically, the boulders are spewed from Mt. Iraya, a now inactive volcano.

Strong waves from the China Sea helped to smoothen the boulders over time.

 Not only to tourists, the place also serves as a leisure place for the Ivatan, the people of Batanes.