Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How to earn Money with Google

One-hundred-dollar bill - part of my earnings from Google Adsense

Google really pays.

My works on the Internet are not in vain. This is the second time I received a payout from Google. It gave me a happy feeling of course.

How I did it?
Just continue reading.

If you are familiar with Google AdSense, then this is nothing new to you.

Google shows ads on websites and the Advertisers pay for it. Through Google Adsense, Google partners with people by putting ads on their website. Google pay you for every click or for every bunch of views the ads get. You can show ads on your website, blog or YouTube videos. To be a publisher, you must apply for a Google AdSense account to begin putting ads and start earning through the Internet.

Important note: earning does not happen overnight.

It's been years since I created a blog and was approved for AdSense so I can put ads on it. After that I created a website and also put ads on it with the intention to give more fund to a church I belong to.

The last thing I did was to enable ads on my YouTube account and that's it.
Got my earnings through Western Union after I reached the minimum $100.00 payout set by Google.

Another thing you can do is to create Android apps and put ads on it.

This is the time you can earn too.

Just choose at least one below and get started earning money with Google:
a.) Blog
b.) Create a website
c.) Uploading YouTube videos
d.) Create Android apps

Your financial adventure with Google has just started.
I just gave an overview. You might want to read more to be more informed about the journey with AdSense.

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