Friday, October 21, 2011

Works of Art at Luneta Park

My second visit at the Luneta Park was a wet, cloudy day. But I guess it should not matter as I still had the time to look closely to the the following beautiful works of art:

The carved metal plate says:
Dancing Rings
by Olympic Artist / Sculptor Jose "Joe" F. Datuin

Grand Prize Winner of the 2008 International Olympic Committee Sport and Art Contest (Sculpture Category). Winner of the 1980 Moscow Olympic Poster Design Competition, USSR, A Proud Dagupeno, A proud Thomasian.

This work is a replica of the "Dancing RIngs" sculpture which won 1st Prize in the 2008 International Olympic Committee Sport and Art Contest (Sculpture Category) at Lausanne, Switzerland in the celebration of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, besting 35 countries around the world.

The winning piece is now permanently housed and exhibited in the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland.

This Replica, which represents Filipino ingenuity and global competitivness in the arts, immortalizes the artist's original work in the very home
of its creation.

"Ang Pagbabago" Mosaic Murals

These artworks represent the positive results achieved after the Filipinos have improved and reformed themselves as individuals and as a people. The results are peace, love, unity & prosperity! The murals challenge and inspire viewers to keep on renewing themselves for the better. The execution of these two masterpieces is timely, as Filipinos today hunger for change.


Love is the greatest virtue. It encompasses all things and people. The intensity of the emotion that love brings is emphasized by the abstracted warm flames of orange and red in the mural. The abstracted images symbolize love in the form of ideas, beliefs and acts.

Closeup View of the Love Mosaic

As you can see, there's a lot of hard work done to assemble the tiny tiles to create the abstract word being represented.


True prosperity in one's nation is achieved when there is peace, our nation's quest for long-lasting peace is depicted by the glying dove. In the mural, the dove flies in the horizons of certainty - Tuwid na Daan. The cool colors exude serenity.

Metal Plate Embossed with the Artwork Details

Hmmm... I think the raindrops did a great job in adding more style to the steel plate and made it look more dramatic. :)

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