Friday, April 8, 2011

Plant Pictures at Los Baños, Laguna

These white squash (upo in Tagalog) sprouts remind me of the time I was planting its family member squash at the backyard of my house in Isabela. Only one of the squash seedlings survived and it produced only one successful fruit but I think it's the best squash I've ever tasted.

The cone shape of this ornamental plant right beside the UPLB Navigators Center caught my attention while strolling around. I'm sure it already spread the next time I visit Los Baños again.

After looking for this pink flower for a couple of months, I finally saw it again. The first time I saw its kind was when I took a picture of the post entitled Wild Flowers at Los Baños. Saw it twice already and too bad I still don't know what name the plant is called.

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